Biology _ 3Sec_ humoral or antibody-mediated immunity

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Ty and his dad look so alike lol


awesomeness does not come without a few mistakes

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Love your vids ROAD TO 40M

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If you find more easter eggs in this game, are you gona make other episode or minisode

Tootle Toots

they are clearly not impossable becausethey could do them

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Pls tyler more video


Yeah it's depressing that some people go through this, but it's also depressing that most people only realize that this is some people#s entire life after they've been through it themselves.


C'mon people! Do you wanna see part 3? I do! Follow them on twitter now!!!!

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You know I got a come straight here when there is Easter eggs. I almost watched somebody else. I’m sorry Guru <3

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your family is so nice

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OMG.. I m crying like a river now.. You are a strong girl.. All the best for your life.. He is always with you.. ❤😭😭😭😭😭


As much as I love MatPat’s stuff, all of this evidence is still circumstantial.


poor tree

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How do you find these do you search them or do you find them yourself?

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kobe bryant  the beast

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The bottle buster strikes again!


Never heard of Arigami until now, is it worth buying it?

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do assassin creed 4

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yeah.. I am an introvert....

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They are a gender before they even grow into a embryo with his sperm he can either give your egg a x Chromosome or a Y chromosome so he’s giving you the gender lol just cause you don’t know what it is doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its parts lol the sperm is what determines gender right at the Fertilization

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Ok he has playstation classic

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are u dont scared for die...Theres no one there!!!!


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3:30 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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1:32 hmm they are enough other elements hmhmhmh

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I will keep trying to watch it tell me what day you do new ideas and new videos


Whinny player! Must have been a tattle taler in childhood.

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