Churrisco humor Cubano 2017(3)

Nahin Hayat

"You smart". 4:38

Also, I’m watching this video... and it’s very relatable. I can pinpoint a lot of that in my own life... ow, maybe that’s why I’m the way I am?



Me: how bout no

Aurora the Awake

So... Elsa is training with her powers for the 'truth' she has to find and weird magical things keep happening like the horse...maybe these magical things have to do with the past? And maybe the story touches on her parent's past since that wasn't covered in the first movie? 🤔

Corisma's World

Did u ask your mom how they found u

Take a walk, take a walk

Tomato Boi

is it christmas already?



Benjamin Munro

Garret if you were not a purple hoser what color hoser would you be

Jack Dolah

Cerone is sycho!!! Love him


well it's quite funny because in the series Archer, he is way more upfront and "misogynist" and kids give it a pass because its funny but a character that has a name for being the " I take what I want" kind of guy kids here find it kinda rapey!.. Well surprise back then those James Bond moments for us were also funny. If anyone takes a James Bond movie seriously then they really need to stop watching these kind of movies!

Dominic Breiland

anybody depressed because you still have past gen. which means you cant get fallout 4. CUZ IM FREAKIN DEPRESSED!!!!!

John Bakeob

Another absolutly killer well made video sir

Oliver Marburg

2018 squad where u at?

Uncle Cracker

4:12 I think they should have thought out the therapists door drawing a little more

The democratic farmers in democratic India enforced democratic laws on democratic rapists to cut off the democratic penis from the democratic rapists and then put the democratic penis into the democratic mouth of the dead democratic rapists.

Nikki Karcz


My Story

My grandmother oassed away when i was 3... I just wished i was not so mean to her... I did not even know what i was doing


i love the half life series.



Max Hernandez

That's so cool dude

NMD_Satan 7

Hi have the same globe


The music on wake island was from bf 1943 not 1942

wong celine

I don't understand no.8

This website shows exactly how EARN88.COM

SPC DawnNite _

Cody asked, “DO you play a professional sport?” not “DID you play a Professional sport?” So technically, Brody was correct 😂😂😂

Big Nibba

theres another black ops 2 easter egg were in the map alcatraz if u look at the fire works on the roof thru any sniper scope u will see a man(only works on alcatraz with a sniper and only a sniper, its also a jumpscare)

zounch hounch


Maia Lopez

So many flower patterns.


Genius XD great job as always Guru

amanda porkka

mamma pappa lucas maya ella. P nelly jag älskar er

Sarah Hebeisen

I just want to ask how these assholes disliked this video for gods sake his first dog passed away have some sympathy.

Ashley Peters

Read the title and was just thinking, SAME

Frying Pan14

Why are they having a Yoga class in a NFL training facility

I'd say a shit load more about them,


I wonder...


The coin toss is true you dumb!



Be Lieve

After this video ended this guys took turns blowing each other.

xd Mqkitykat __


Nick M

the last Easter egg does it give you anything?

Yoyo Yamilly

Why does he have brown hair all the sudden?


If you think Texas Roadhouse has a lot of horseradish in that sauce, you have never had a beef on weck with a tablespoon of horseradish. Only in Western New York. By the way, it’s roast beef on a kummelweck roll, and it’s amazing 😉

Alur Pranav

once you come to my home