Cima, Dreni, Zeneli - Heret e jo bash heret

Kirra Robinson

Go Coby and Cory but I am still team COBY to the end

Andrew Burrows

Not gonna lie when that battle music hit!!! I damn near teared up.

Jim Finland

hey fun been with you since the start mate hope you keep on chugging to a million can't wait for the millionth video :P will probably be new star wars easter eggs or maybe much sooner we hope keep up the great work mate I live in Essex so England unite :P

Sally Waters

I would definitely be the book reader :D

Isaac Harris

What's up with Code's hair

Tyler Phrakonekham

The borderlands one made me cry a little just because it had one of the most iconic actors lines in the game it made me feel better just for the tribute :)


What is that music in the final clip? Its bugging me.

Vnut K


Jaclynn Kastrinakis

Oh my goodness so funny

Ninja Chicken


Eamon F

Steve austin


Melissa Durny

Were they at Pinnacle sports?

Random Channel

Simply amazing! Looked like a perfect 2D game

Arnab Roy

damn good videos bro...great work

Oscar Rivera

leach torrent really


Loved it! This is the best single player game of all times!

life is beatiful

wow u were a total b**


Ava Huebner

Tom brady

Xitlaly Camacho


Michael Nablo

Olympic banned the dude🤣

The Platinum Goldfish

Garret: I have never wavered.waversMe: Ooookay then.

1st Prize gaming

You need to film with James harden or Kevin Durant


I am speechless


Happiness they say.. ahhaah.. thats what i wont ever have.. being pessimist like me is killing you but once you got taken by depression,anxeity or paranoia there is no way out. This man showed you the sense of life people. Other people dont have much time unfourtenatly because they dont get a chance to live long like you and they do respect the life they have even if it will end so fast. Respect everything you have and live every day like its your last day. See good in bad and that is success not finishing usless school to learn something that you dont need in your life to learn a lot of shit and to get stressed to be under a pressaure just because humanity and whole world went down. Spend your time with family,friends or anyone else dont make memes here dont waste time by getting pictures and likes on instagram or facebook dont tweet on tweeter etc go play outside even if you are adult or kid that doesent matter go play live a life because techonolgy isnt life. Find yourself and find the meaning of your life but carefuly and slowly think about it! I wish you all best in life people if just 1 person listen to my advice i will be extremly happy. Good luck!


2077... Death still afraid to visit John Wick

aweson me

Why is she here

da gangsta is cool

Germany has won the world cup

kelly church

that booty thou at 1:42

Johannes Gurtner

very nice fakes ;)

Evangelyne Cra

You married your daughter?!

Dominik Kolasa


unusal factors

Polo g best rapper out💯

Mya Schweikert

I am confused



Kevin is a 2x Finals MVP for a reason. He is in the Finals for a reason. It all starts with a win today, the best of the best always show up so no excuses even if he was injured. Durant is the Slim Reaper and today he will drop BUCKETS. I just don’t want the season to end today lol

cars lover

Got us good lol

Thomas Muller

Well, The Rage Monster is still considered normal compared to HowToBasic.....

Female Rebel

I'd leave him.. What a trash excuse of a man. His dick gunna fall off soon with that mindset..

Kain Littleton

with the orcarina easter egg if you shoot through that same window a guard will show up and look at you

Random Squad

Now that’s what I call trick shots!

saddam hossain durjoy

2019......dude perfect is good but this was too normal😂


Plzzzz make another dizzy sports battle video ......Plzzzzz .....

Tony Stark

The real question is did u let the fish go

Crisp Packet

This is amazing, Bijuu, I also went through the same thing. I'm here for you, 'we' are here for you uwu <3

Nishan Ghanayem

how eggsalint of you tooshut up


Video: Time to make some noods

Tom Armada33

Michael Kingsbury!!!!!

Oswaldo Barrios

Since this fucking guy pretty much destroyed my eagles I hate him, hoping to see him loose the conference final

Casey Hagood

hey guys cody saw a panda lets turn around

The Floor Wonpil Walks On

Deadpool's origin story just makes me sad