Digestive System Revision ( CRASH COURSE ) For NEET / AIIMS - 2018 ; NCERT BASED

For Full Test Series ( Paid )....More Revision videos for NEET / AIIMS - 2018 go to1 ) CELL CYCLE & DIVISION REVISION VIDEO @ ) Human Respiratory System Revision Video @ ) Human Circulatory System Revision Video @ support is much needed . Please share this video with other PMT aspirants , so that i can reach students throughout India and every one gets benefitted with my teaching .Dr. Raj Singh is a MBBS Doctor from RIMS , Ranchi. He is also a passionate BIOLOGY faculty for PMT preperations.MORE MEMORY TRICKS PLAYLIST @ Him @ facebook @ orWebsite @

Connor TV

I never new there would be to Tyler's in one vid

3. It’s secendary school not high school

Marcos Oliveira De Souza

Eles ção muito mito

Osazee Osagiede

Make a part 2 of the video🙏

Manoj Katare

Please upload one more like this.....

Maria Ocampo

If you want to celebrate do the Cory

m kay

srry for spoiling btw

Conor Parman

Short answer: no

Kaylinn Cobb

Tinder is actually for people 13+ but until your 18 you have to talk to people in your age range. 😊

Sara Binamroo

7:40 when the teacher yells at me for not doing my homework

Michael Cosaboom


Tristan Cefail

why does he have gun 0:10

Mace 2.0

Spoilers or

Luc Guier

I knew it was checkers


Last one mlg


i know this joke, but it isnt funny anymore, by the way: minecraft 2.0.0...


Cody you are sooooo grower

Krystof Krystof

rip silver bulet

Life No one needs to see that horrible memory.

Même Master

the title would be much better if it's ' my boyfriend is a bad clown '

Bris Cube


Isaac Chavez

My cousin is the guy who misses every 3 but makes the 3 for the winThen I am like :/

Chubby Harlan

( At 1:23 ) OOOOH SHIT, A RAT!

Cow Inator

#YIAYjob 5.

Christian Tee

lit all money in no money out


Who’s everyone’s favorite DP member?

LouieThe Nerd

Cody’s laugh at 2:35 actually scared me


Isn’t this same shit every game? Or are they focusing on kakarot finally?


you okay?

Robo Is Cool

how are these unused

when there is the sound of a zombie throwing up, thats the old south park barf sound haha


"3 months ago"

Sugar Skull_ Gacha

Wut if I’m addicted to chocolate...🤔