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Lymphatic System: Crash Course A&P #44

Today Hank explains your unsung lymphatic system and how it supports cardiovascular function by collecting, filtering, and returning interstitial fluid back into the bloodstream via a system of lymphatic vessels. He also explains the system’s major role in fighting off infection, and how lymph nodes, and other lymphoid organs, and MALT areas house antigen-attacking lymphocytes that provide crucial support to the immune system.Table of ContentsThe Lymphatic System Supports Cardiovascular Function 2:09Collects, Filters, and Returns Interstitial Fluid Back to the Bloodstream 3:12Lymphatic Vessels 4:22Role In Fighting Off Infection 5:40Lymph Nodes, Lymphoid Organs, and Malt Areas House Antigen-Attacking Lymphocytes 6:04***Crash Course A&P poster: Course is on Patreon! You can support us directly by signing up at to the following Patrons for their generous monthly contributions that help keep Crash Course free for everyone forever:Mark, Eric Kitchen, Jessica Wode, Jeffrey Thompson, Steve Marshall, Moritz Schmidt, Robert Kunz, Tim Curwick, Jason A Saslow, SR Foxley, Elliot Beter, Jacob Ash, Christian, Jan Schmid, Jirat, Christy Huddleston, Daniel Baulig, Chris Peters, Anna-Ester Volozh, Ian Dundore, Caleb Weeks--Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet?Facebook - - - Support Crash Course on Patreon: Kids:

SABADAZO Para recordar con los Grandes

Los mejores humoristas cubanos, para todos los que no los han visto aqui les dejo este clasico del humor, Con Carlos Otero, Antolin el Pichon, el Titi y el Nene . Si el vídeo les gusto no.La conductora no se esperaba la visita de su hija Valentina, que se encuentra estudiando en una escuela militar. ¡Checa el regalo especial que recibió la conductora de Sabadazo! SUSCRÍBETE.Humor cubano, humor, comedia cubana, comediantes cubanos, comediantes, programa humorístico, comedia de cuba, parodias, comicos cubanos,

Grieg - 24 Lyric Pieces - Richter Greece 1993

Edvard GriegLyric PiecesArietta op.12 n°1 0:00Waltz op.12 n°2 1:20Watchman's Song op.12 n°3 3:22Fairy Dance op.12 n°4 6:30Norwegian Dance Halling op.38 n°4 7:28Kanon op.38 n°8 8:25Butterfly op.43 n°1 13:26To the Spring op.43 n°6 15:24Valse-Impromptu op.47 n°1 20:14Norwegian Dance Gangar op.54 n°2 23:28Scherzo op.54 n°5 27:14Bell ringing op.54 n°6 30:42Secret op.57 n°4 34:17She dances op.57 n°5 39:45Home-Sickness op.57 n°6 42:56Phantom op.62 n°5 47:55Wedding-Day in Troldhaugen op.65 n°6 50:22Evening in the moutains op.68 n°4 56:40Puck op.71 n°3 1:00:18Peace of the woods op.71 n°41:02:14Gone op.71 n°6 1:07:29Remembrances op.71 n°7 1:09:59Summer evening op.71 n°2 1:12:10Notturno op.54 n°4 1:15:04Sviatoslav RichterLive recording, Athens & Kozani, X.1993

Sasun Miqayelyan

The Lion King Finale (Final Busa/Circle of Life) - Regent Theatre, Melbourne

The Lion King - Australian CastFilmed by James Terry and Michael WilsonEdited by James TerryLion King - Australian CastRegent Theatre - 2015 National Tour

Rasim Thaqi Cima - Qika e Llazes (Humor TVP 1989)

Rasim Thaqi Cima me skeqin e njohur nga viti 1989 ne televizionin e Prishtines tvp (RTP) kur qika e serbit Llazes luante mbi makine e Cimes dhe kur Cima tenton ta largoj, ajo flet serbisht duke thane "Pa ja igram (axhi une po luj) dhe pastaj Cima kur e degjon serbisht dhe i thot "Qika e serbit Llaze? Ok luj luj... Sa per info ne ato vitet e 90-ta askush nuk guxonte ti rraf serbet...Pas ketij skeqi eshte edhe nje reklam nga Leci i cili reklamon prodhimin vendor Erenikun!Nga arkivi i M1-shit

Cima Dreni Kungji Fiza -Lugati n'orman

All rights reserved to: ArtSkillOfficial

VIVIR DEL CUENTO Plan de la calle

En un día muy lluvioso, Facundo se empeña en realizar un plan de la calle, justamente en casa de Pánfilo

Accessing a scammer's PC

A scammer accidentally gave me access to his PC. I found out quite a few things about this scammer and his victims. Enjoy.If you'd like to sponsor me, this is my Patreon link: twitter handle is @JimBrowning11What the scammer had downloaded:His Dialling software: scammer's recent song: music credits:

VENDVOTIMI - Humor nga Emisioni 3T

Televizioni Koha - Tetovë

Debussy 'Clair de Lune' - Paul Barton, FEURICH 218 grand piano

This video contains piano music by Claude Debussy published in 1890. It is in the PUBLIC DOMAINThis music is played, audio and video recorded by Paul Barton, the channel holder for on a FEURICH 218 piano serial number F10339 visible in this video belonging to Paul Barton. This video is shared freely with online viewers. Any claim of copyright violation by Music Agencies on the content of this video is unlawful and reinstated copyright violation claims by Music Agencies are forwarded to legal representation.

Garik vs Aram - Lav Ereko


⚽APP ONEFOOTBALL ►: ORIGINAL: QUERÉIS MONEDAS???💰💰💰►LA MEJOR PAGINA → DE DESCUENTO → Eltito10-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------🎮 MEJORES APARATOS GAMING 🎮 : Instagram → DE PATRI: #HUMOR #MEXICANO----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💪MIS REDES SOCIALES 💪⚠️Twitch → Twitter → Instagram → DE PATRI: PLAY 4 : eltito_delfifaYT-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------◕◕◕ MIS ARTISTAS ◕◕◕► Ismael Rodriguez. Diseño e ilustración de banner, avatar y marcos y minis.Contacto → BY PLAF :

Cuando Los Animales Se Burlan De Ti (Animales Trolleando Personas)

◄ SUSCRÍBETE: divertida de animales trolleando personas de una manera divertida. Cuando los animales se burlan de ti pasa esto.◄▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬►Dale un Like y Suscríbete.No te olvides de Compartir.◄▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬►★ DISCLAIMER ★ I do not own the anime, music, artwork or the lyrics. All rights reserved to their respective owners!!! This video is not meant to infringe any of the copyrights. This is for promote.★ Copyright Disclaimer ★Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law, Act 1976):All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, & images used belong to their respective companies.Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.--DISCLAIMER-- La finalidad de los vídeos del canal "Curasawa" es meramente informativa, de investigación, lúdica y de aprendizaje. Si en algún caso alguien se siente ofendido por el contenido publicado, ruego tomen en cuenta estas consideraciones. En ningún caso el propietario del canal ni los vídeos que contiene buscan el sensacionalismo, ni buscan incitar al odio ni la violencia. Muchas gracias.--DISCLAIMER COPYRIGHT-- Todos los derechos quedan reservados para los propietarios de los medios. Este vídeo no pretende infringir ninguna norma de copyright, su carácter es de mera promoción y difusión. Todos los medios usados en este vídeo tienen como función su resumen como modo informativo y para comentar bajo los términos lícitos. De nuevo, todos los medios pertenecen a sus respectivas empresas.

‫الطالب :عبدالله الشلهوب | Adaptive immunity 1 (humoral immunity) | #تعاون‬‎

Dvorak - Humoresque (1894 Classic)

Dvorak - HumoresqueEnjoy!~Disclaimer: If there is a problem with either the music or wallpaper used in this video, please inbox me and I will remove it. Thank you

Gezuar 2015 Ujqit - Prof Dr Xhavit Xhaviti

Gezuar 2015 Ujqit - Prof DrXhavit Xhaviti Publisher: Onima

Jacinta y el Ginecologo. Teatro Perez Galdos 14-12-08

En Clave de Ja, un programa de sketch cómicos de la TV Canaria interpretada por el grupo de actores Instinto Cómico. Un humor canario difícil de entender por los godos.Es el programa más visto de Canarias, líder de audiencia los domingos.

Rigoberto Ferrera LAS CREENCIAS 2009

DotA (Radio Edit)

Humor 2017 me Cimen - Qorapat e cimes

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#francoescamilla #escamilla #venezolanosreaccionan

Celiac disease - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

What is Celiac disease? Celiac disease, sometimes called celiac sprue, is a condition where the immune system reacts to gliadin, a component of gluten, which is found in a variety of grains like wheat, barley, and rye. Find more videos at better with Osmosis Prime. Retain more of what you’re learning, gain a deeper understanding of key concepts, and feel more prepared for your courses and exams. Sign up for a free trial at to our Youtube channel atGet early access to our upcoming video releases, practice questions, giveaways and more when you follow us on social:Facebook: Instagram: Vision: Empowering the world’s caregivers with the best learning experience possible.

God Says There are 7 Events Coming

What’s Next for Planet Earth: This week I was examining just how much God has left for us to know about the future.I hold in my hand the ONE Book that God wrote—the Bible. This one book, made up of 66 books has a total of 31,103 verses. Of all the verses in the Bible 8,352 verse are prophetic or spoke to future events. All Biblical predictions about the future in these thousands verses can be grouped into 737 different predictions.Of these 8,352 verses, 6,312 (or 522 different predictions) have already happened to the letter, JUST LIKE God’s Word said they would. God Gives the Specific Details on the End of the World: That leaves just about 2,040 verses with 215 specific predictions from God about the end of the world that are in process of being fulfilled. So, the Bible contains many specific events that would signal the end of days for life on planet earth as it has been for the past several thousand years.Each of the prophetic signs Christ and His apostles gave are specific and not vague.Jesus explained to us in Matthew 24, verses 8 and 33-34—that these events would begin at the same time, run concurrently, and crescendo like the pains of a woman giving birth—the closer we get to His Second coming.The list of Biblical Signs of Christ's Return will not actually be full blown until the Tribulation time.Each of the signs of Christ's Return He said--are trends. These trends are speeding up—the last seconds of the countdown clock of Christ's return are clicking down.Each day the prophetic picture Christ painted grows clearer.Each of these signs were captured by the apostles and prophets between 2,000 and 3,500 years ago.Now they are happening in our lifetime! But, in all of history--ONLY our generation has seen EVERY ONE of these events starting to unfold.All of the yet to be completed prophecies fit within these seven major events. Probably the most exciting of all are the signs of Christ's Second Coming. There are dozens of them. Jesus described many of them in incredible detail. But here is what I want you to see—Jesus said these signs would not suddenly appear. He said that they would rather become a trend that amplified and strengthened until it became overwhelming like “birth pangs”.Let me give you just a handful of the precise, clear, specific predictions that Christ's Words in this Book give us. You may be startled. Every one of the signs Christ gave are present in your world today. You are the first generation in all of history to experience these trends, these signs—all at once!What are some of them? We will actually in the days ahead look at these in detail, but here they are in summary.For more of Dr. John Barnett's content go to

Mejores Videos Chistosos Humor Mexicano #2

Recopilación de humor mexicano de los vídeos virales del mes y semana.compilación de bromas risas y caídas 100% mexicano#HUMOR, #PURO MEXICANO,#GRACIOSOS.#viral

Vaccine Types : Live / Killed / Toxoid : Best Memory Trick for NEET / AIIMS - PMT

Dr. Raj Singh is a MBBS Doctor from RIMS , Ranchi. He is also a passionate BIOLOGY faculty for PMT preperations. MORE MEMORY TRICKS PLAYLIST @ JOIN Him @ facebook @ or Website @ CREDITS : INTRO MUSIC :Champ @ ( free to use ).

Dvorak-Waxman- Humoresque op. 101 no. 7

Isaac Stern: violin-Symphony Orchestra-Franz Waxman: conductor-1946

Հումորի Լիգա/Humori Liga/ 2-րդ կիսաեզրափակիչ anons

20.Cima & Leci 1 + 1 Humor 20 (Palma Gjilan)

¤ Ajsha e Nushi komplet

DOG FAILS ★ Funny Dog Fails COMPILATION [Epic Laughs]

DOG FAILS ★ Funny Dog Fails COMPILATION! 😂Subscribe: | Facebook: your video: inquiries/contact: See more Epic Laughs:GAME OF THRONES: BEST REACTIONS: Dogs 🌊🐕 ULTIMATE COMPILATION of Dogs Surfing [NEW]: Spencer Dead: Our Tribute (BEST MOMENTS) ✟ RIP: Animal Fails Compilation [NEW]: Japanese Vines: and Cute Babies: NOT TO CRY: Dogs Meeting Owners After Long Time: Beer Commercials COMPILATION [NEW]: Dogs Begging for Food ★ CUTE Dogs Compilation [NEW]: Sheep ★ Sheep Yelling Like Humans: Dubsmash Videos: Meet Kittens for the First Time: CATS ★ Cats BATH TIME: DOGS 😴 WHEN TIREDNESS WINS: Pigs 🐷 These Pigs Are Too Cute: Discovering SNOW: FIGHTS ★ These Puppies Are Too Cute!: Pandas Playing in SNOW: Bath Time 🐒 Cute Monkeys: FAILS ★ Swimming Pool FAILS: Vs Mirrors: Goats Compilation ★ Funny Goats Screaming: FAILS: Meeting Babies for the First Time: And Vacuum Cleaners: MONKEYS ★ Funniest Monkeys of YouTube: SCARED of Their Own SHADOW: FAILS ★ Best Dog Fails 2016: ★ LAP Elephants: ★ FUNNY Monkeys Compilation: Megacorp Network:Adrenaline Channel: Dash Cam Channel: Fitness Channel: Food Channel: Girls Channel: Laughs Channel: Life Channel: Lists Channel: Method Channel: Motivation Channel: Music Channel: Play Channel: Surf Channel: Pet Media Channel:Trip Burger Network:Trip Burger Pets: Burger Laughs:

FULL POWER AFTERBURNER Departure F35 at Volkel

Volkel 26-05-2016F-35 Lightning IINetherlands Air ForceFirst Departure at Volkel[26+27+28]

Ամուսնացածների Լիգա Սերիա 26 / Amusnacacneri Liga seria 26 / HD

Նոր հումորային սիտքոմ «Ամուսնացածների լիգա», որը պատմում է ամուսնացած 3 զույգերի կյանքի մասին: Որակյալ և սուր հումորը հետապնդում է Ձեզ ամբողջ սերիայի ընոացքում: Բարձրացրեք ձեր տրամադրությունը...


Pánfilo con sus ocurrencias, ahora enfrascado en celebrar el cumpleaños de su amigo Chequera con lo que puede conseguir gracias a los amigos como se resuelven las cosas en Cuba.

Jorge Diaz en TN3

América TeVe, TN3, 9pm

신지아 오픈인터뷰 중 드보르작 유모레스크 Dvorak - Humoresque

Meet the Evil Weirdo Who Was the Father of Prohibition - Drunk History

Prohibition zealot Wayne Wheeler would do anything – from poisoning people to schmoozing with the KKK – to stop Americans from drinking alcohol.About Drunk History: Based on the popular web series, Drunk History is the liquored-up narration of our nation's history. Host Derek Waters, along with an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians, travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth. It's just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent. Subscribe to Comedy Central: more Comedy Central: Follow Drunk History:Twitter: full episodes of Drunk History:Follow Comedy Central:Twitter:

TV Censored Bloopers (1981) Dick Clark

from a Tyne Tees (UK) broadcast - January 4th 1985Full show as broadcast with commercials

Դեմ Դիմաց. Սիրանուշ Սահակյան-Դանիել Իոաննիսյան

#ԴեմԴիմաց. Սիրանուշ Սահակյան-Դանիել Իոաննիսյան

GCSE Biology Revision: Random sampling with quadrats

You can watch all my videos at this video, we look at how to sample the organisms in a habitat using the technique of random sampling with quadrats. Expect questions in your exam on this. Examiners love it.

Հումորի Լիգա - Humori Liga 2019 / Երկրորդ 1/8 / Dejavu

Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Immunity Challenge: Rise To It

The final four complete in this multi-part final immunity challenge.  Click the link to subscribe to the Survivor channel - To watch full episodes of Survivor, click HERE -Get the CBS app for iPhone & iPad! Click HERE: Click HERE to purchase the upcoming season on iTunes: Get your Survivor season pass now from Google Play: Get your Survivor season pass now from Google Play: Get your Survivor season pass now from Google Play:

(1/2) Left Hand Ragtime Technique | Cory Hall, pianist-composer

View Part 2 of this Series ► Piano, Sight-Reading, Music Theory & More ► Test Your Sight-Reading Skills ► Yourself to Play Piano (Book) ► About the Art of Sight-Reading (Article) ► the World’s #1 Sight-Reading System (Book) ► the World’s #1 Sight-Reading System (E-Book) ► BachScholar® Books (Worldwide Shipping) ► BachScholar® Books (E-Books) ►

Ismet Drishti - Kamera e fshehte me Arjan Sukniqi


Most leaders don't even know the game they are in - Simon Sinek at Live2Lead 2016

Trust and cooperation are not standard in our organizations and yet we know they should be. There are two attributes that every single leader has the opportunity to possess that will help them create the types of organizations we would be proud to call our own. Those two attributes are EMPATHY & PERSPECTIVE.Simon Sinek's full keynote from John C. Maxell's Live2Lead event in Atlanta, Georgia, October 7, 2016.Find more tools, resources and ideas to inspire at


Gjyqi ne Ekran - Humor Shqip

Aktrojne: Osman Aga, Lida Nexhipi, Ikbale RamaProducent: Haxhi Isufi----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Subscribe: Mos harroni te abonoheni ne kanalin tone qe te njoftoheni per cdo humor te ri qe do hidhet.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Na ndiqni edhe ne:Facebook:

T-Dependent, T-Independent Antigens and Class Switching: Humoral Immunity – Immunology | Lecturio

This video “T-Dependent, T-Independent Antigens and Class Switching: Humoral Immunity” is part of the Lecturio course “Immunology” ► WATCH the complete course on LEARN ABOUT:- T-Dependent- T-Independent Antigens - Class Switching► THE PROF: Peter Delves, Professor Emeritus of Immunology and former Vice Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at University College London, is not only editor of two encyclopedias but also author of several textbooks and laboratory manuals. His special interest lies in improving an understanding of immunology through both web-based education and face-to-face interaction.► LECTURIO is your single-point resource for medical school:Study for your classes, USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2, MCAT or MBBS with video lectures by world-class professors, recall & USMLE-style questions and textbook articles. Create your free account now: INSTALL our free Lecturio appiTunes Store: Store: READ TEXTBOOK ARTICLES related to this video: Humoral Immunity and Cell-Mediated ImmunitySUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel: WATCH MORE ON YOUTUBE: LET’S CONNECT:• Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Humori Liga 2 / Հումորի Լիգա 2 - Բերմուդա 1/8

Bach Suite No.5 Allemande, Courante Nicolas Altstaedt live, BR KLassik

J.S.Bach: Suite No.5Allemande, CouranteNicolas Altstaedt, violoncello

Humori liga- golf 3 1/4 final


La mejor recopilación de videos de humor y virales de México.#humor #humormexicano #mexicano Siganme en mis redes sociales.Facebook:

Yoshi's Island Jazz Medley || insaneintherainmusic

Backing Tracks, HQ Downloads, and Early Music Access accessible at ► a Song Request? Let me know about it here ► me on Twitter! ► the community on Facebook ► MP3 Download ► my Hoenn Album "Back to Your Littleroots" on Loudr/iTunes!Loudr: Play: this is why I don't do weekly videos. I made this in under a week as a sort of imposed FamilyJules7X challenge. It didn't turn out amazing, but still, 10 minutes of Yoshi is a solid feat :)This game definitely doesn't get enough love, probably since it hasn't had many good successors. Yoshi's Island is THE game to play if you want a unique platformer that has some awesome music as well!EQUIPMENT:Selmer Super Action 80 Series II TenorEugene Rousseau Studio Jazz Mouthpiece SJ5Rico Royal #3 ReedsRovner Ligature Keyboard: Casio CDP-220RAlicia's Keys - Native InstrumentsAbbey Road Vintage Drummer - Native InstrumentsTrilian Bass - SpectrasonicsCamera: JVC Everio Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Elements 11DAW: ReaperAudio-Technica ATH-M30 Studio Pro Monitor HeadphonesFocusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio InterfaceCascade Fathead II Ribbon MicrophoneComposed by Koji KondoGame Footage provided by SuperMCGamer

A realidade de Cuba em 2018

Relato Completo aqui:nosso Facebookno Instagram #ihmochilei #cuba #realidade

Women's Club 04 - ԲԱՑՈՒՄ /Լիլիին հրավիրել են Vogue ամսագիր/

Instagram Official Page - Official Page - - - - - - - - - - Liliin hravirel en Vogue amsagir

Tchaikovsky Humoresque

"La Follee Journee de Varsovie - Russia" Grand Theatre Warsaw 2012Symphony Orchestra of the Arthur Rubinstein Music School in Bydgoszcz, PolandHenryk Wierzchoń - conductor Piotr Czajkowski - Humoreska Henryk Wierzchoń - dyrygentOrkiestra Symfoniczna Państwowego Zespołu Szkół Muzycznych im. Artura Rubinsteina w Bydgoszczy"Szalone Dni Muzyki - Rosja" Teatr Wielki Warszawa 2012realizacja - Grupa Realizacyjna Akademii Filmu i Telewizji

Vellezrit Mziu & Nana Madhe - NANA -Official Video 4K

Producent - Bujar AvdimetajTel: 0038349232222Te gjitha te drejtat mbrohen nga EurolindiContentManagement.COPYRIGHTS Ⓒ EUROLINDI - All rights reserved.Facebook:@eurolindi_musicVideo : Mproduction