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[REAL ATC] Delta A330 LEFT ENGINE FIRE departing Seattle KSEA!

Do you want to get into the VASAviation team? Send an email to :)Follow @VASAviation on TWITTER to get all the news about the channel and more! :D --- give a big LIKE to support and for more videos like this!! :)*****MAIN PLAYLISTS-*****[REAL ATC] (Emergencies or crashes) --- ATC] (No emergencies) --- ATC] --- MEETINGS] --- DOES IT WORK?] --- SIMULATION] --- SIMULATION] --- VIEWED VIDEOS*****-American Airlines CAPTAIN DIES IN FLIGHT DELTA CRASH at La Guardia Airport HD #FZ981 CRASH at Rostov-on-Don (Russia) and Southwest VERY CLOSE CALL on takeoff door FLEW OFF the aircraft!!!" @SFO France BOMB THREAT AND F-15 ESCORT INTERCEPTED by MILITARY F-16 at SUPER BOWL!! free to comment your opinion always being respectful and not insulting or offending anyone. This is a channel where we all must learn from everyone! :)

Jack White: Boarding House Reach [FULL INTERVIEW P1] | Beats 1 | Apple Music

Jack White talks to It’s Electric! host Lars Ulrich about recording Boarding House Reach, how “Ice Station Zebra” was originally for Jay-Z and Nashville. Hear the new album 'Boarding House Reach" Apple Music Millions of songs. Zero ads. No commitment.Explore Beats 1 for free: Beats 1:Worldwide. Always on. Listen for free on Apple Music or on demand with a subscription. Subscribe on YouTube: Beats 1 on Instagram: Beats 1 on Twitter : Beats 1 on Facebook: Apple Music:Listen to millions of songs, online or off, totally ad-free. Plus create and share your own playlists, get exclusive content and personalized recommendations, and stream radio stations with unlimited skips.Follow Apple Music on Instagram: Apple Music on Twitter: Apple Music on Facebook: White: Boarding House Reach [FULL INTERVIEW P1]| Beats 1 | Apple Music

Humor 2019(Fiza,Dreni,Adhurimi,Vetoni)- Dhëndrri Gjakovar

instagram: @drenmehmeti__

Tres Patines Comisaria 505 Exclusivo

A ver si aguantan no reirse con el "suicisidio" con Leopoldo Fernandeztres patines.

[Humoral Immune Response] An Educational Video

a really bad movie with a really bad depiction of humoral immunity

AS Biology - T- and B-lymphocytes (OCR A Chapter 12.6)

Phagocytes are involved in non-specific immune response, whereas lymphocytes are involved in specific immune responses. Here we will illustrate what the different types of lymphocytes do and how they collaborate to respond to a pathogen attack.Please subscribe for more content and comment below to let me know what you think! :)Facebook: BioRach - A-level Biology Online@BioRachProjectmusic:The Sun is Scheduled to Come Out Tomorrow by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

Chet Atkins--Humoresque,1950s Color!

Qumili - UKA dhe Alketa - Zvicer

Xhirimi eshte realizuar nga Produksioni SAINIfidan.saini@gmail.com076 33 00 135Sevdai Radogoshi - Uka dhe Alketa - Koncert ne perkrahje te Arber Bullakajt, kandidat per Parlamentin Zviceran.

A One-Day Starvation Secret Got the Nobel Prize

You probably know that most tissues in your body regularly replace their cells with new ones. Different organs need their own time to renew completely. And some tissues don't replace their cells at all. But have you ever wondered where the dead cells of your body end up? Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi, a Japanese cell biologist, spent years studying how human cells get rid of their waste. If this process in the body doesn't work correctly, a person can develop type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, some age-related diseases, and even cancer. And it turned out that when you fast, your cells live longer and produce more energy!Other videos you might like:I Drank Only Water for 20 Days, See What Happened to My Body Will Happen If You Eat Nothing for 7 DaysAte One Meal a Day For a Month, See What Happened to MeWhat autophagy is 1:07What biochemist Dr. Christian de Duve discovered in the 1960s 1:41Do you need to eat animal protein to build new cells? 2:33Whan autophagy gets more intensive 4:16The health benefits of intermittent fasting 5:16A 24-hour fast 5:58Fasting on alternate days 6:17Skipping meals 6:55Daily-window fasting 7:17Water fasting 7:52Why it’s good for you to have animal-protein-free days from time to time 8:09Preview photo credit: Nobel laureate Yoshinori Ohsumi shows his medal after an award ceremony in Stockholm on Dec. 10, 2016. Ohsumi was awarded the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine for elucidating "autophagy," an intracellular process that degrades and recycles proteins: By Kyodo/Associated Press/East News, is created by Bright Side.Music by Epidemic SoundSUMMARY:- The first person who discovered autophagy was Belgian biochemist Dr. Christian de Duve. For this discovery, he got the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1974.- Surprisingly, studies show that they still have approximately the same amount of proteins and carbohydrates in their digestive system as they would if they ate animal protein.- The body can use its own protein in the form of dead and damaged cells and bacteria which have been previously stored away.- If your natural recycling mechanism doesn't work, damaged cells and their parts start to accumulate in the body. And it ends up unable to neutralize cancer cells and cells infected by dangerous viruses and bacteria. As a result, this can lead to various serious illnesses.- Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi found out that autophagy gets more intensive when the body is undergoing some stress. Such stress can be fasting, calorie restriction, or even starvation.- In all his studies, Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi used starvation and fasting to encourage the body to break down toxic cells and get rid of all the garbage.- Intermittent fasting, which is alternating the periods of eating and fasting, can help your body to clean itself. Besides, it can help you to lose weight and speed up your metabolism.- If you're a newbie in the world of fasting and the practice looks a bit intimidating, start with skipping your meals. In general, it's enough to skip one meal a day to boost your metabolism and trigger cleansing processes in your body. Just remember that if you've skipped a meal, you shouldn't overeat at the next one.- One more interesting conclusion you can draw from this research is that, despite what some people think, vegetarians don't suffer from a lack of animal protein. They just get it in a different way.Subscribe to Bright Side : Social Media:Facebook: Crafts Youtube: News----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For more videos and articles visit:


Vamos a pasar un rato de entretenimiento y liberar el estres con estos Buenos comediantes.SUSCRIBETE.VIVIR DEL CUENTO ,RENOVACION. HUMOR CUBANO.SUSCRIBETE.A PASAR UN RATO DE ALEGRIA CON ESTOS BUENOS HUMORISTAS.

San NIcolas Del Peladero- La Renuncia Del Alcalde

♫ ♪..La Casa Del Rítmo lesregala este pedacito del recuerdo...aquellosinolvidables personajes quevivian enSan Nicolas Del Peladero... con el gran Enrique Santiesteban, Maria De Los Angeles Santana,CarlosMoctezuma, Enrique Arredondo y una constelacion derdtrellas, que noshacianreiry divertirnos cada semana.....que lo disfruten . . ♫ ♪ . ..

Ex-Marine (Stand Up Comedy)

Claude Shires talks about what happens when someone breaks into his house. Subscribe to Comedy Time YouTube channel here: check out our other network channelsChickComedy - - - - - Media links:Facebook - - Website - watch: "Getting Older Suprises (Stand Up Comedy)" ➨

Jessie Ware - Say You Love Me (with lyrics)

Introduction To Microbiology

Microbiology seems tough? Here we simplify this subject and make it an enjoyable one! Start with us in microbiology, and hopefully you will enjoy and learn at the same time.Content: 0:11 - Definition of microbiology 0:21 - Benefits of microorganisms0:49 - How do we categorize microrganisms1:12 - Hierarchy of biological classification1:55 - Differences between Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes2:23 - Eukaryotes kingdoms2:42 - Bacterial Nomenclature 3:13 - Different shapes of Bacteria3:52 - Bacterial architecture 5:11 - Gram staining 5:43 - Difference in plasma membrane of Gram +ve and Gram -ve Bacteria

Cima 2016 - Cima, Fiza & Kungji - Kater vjet ta vjedhi rrymen

© ArtSkillPublisher: OnAirFM

The Good Wife: Will and the Female Judges, funny

CBS show drama, Will had a seriously problems with female judges. In my opinion!

DEJA QUE YO TE CUENTE Diciembre 19 2012

Campiña-Ternero 2-Urbino trata de que La rusa vaya a comprar el ternero que no está sano, pero la muchacha prefiere comprarle el burro a Urbino Mentepollo-Medicina tradicional-El profesor Mentepollo explica las particularidades de la medicina tradicional y sus aplicaciones. Taller-La solicitud.-Arroba llega al taller Bartolete Pérez a darle una información a los trabajadores, lo que provoca que todos soliciten la baja del centro laboral.

Top 10 Plants That Can Kill You

This video is about ten plants which contain some toxic content within their leaves fruits and flowers and if eaten in large quantity then these plants has the potential to even kill you.Like Rosary Pea seeds which contain a very toxic compound abrin, if you chew a single seed it can be fatal to you and if you consume in large quantity then you will die.To watch more videos like this Subscribe to our channel GnxtGroup and also don't forget to ring the bell icon to get notified when we upload new videos.Thanks for Watching GnxtGroup !!

Videos de Risa # 1

"New Car / Volkswagen Beetle" - Gabriel Iglesias- (From Hot & Fluffy comedy special)

Here is a clip about my new car from my comedy special "Hot and Fluffy Comedy." Watch it and let me know what you think.Want to see me live? Check out to see when I'm in your area!

Tipuri de șoferi😎😂🚘🚗

Cima, Dreni,Kungji-Torba e kungjit

Produksioni Muzikor" Kola Commerce" - Prishtine

Times Boyfriends And Husbands Made Sure Their Relationship Is Never Boring (New Pics)

Times Boyfriends And Husbands Made Sure Their Relationship Is Never Boring New Pics❄ Daily Newsis interesting channel about shocking,, funny,and crazy facts and videos. Subscribe my channel for a new video every day - to my second channel at: more videos10+ Of The Most Awesome Teachers Ever To Celebrate National Teacher DayHilariously Unfortunate Names That’ll Make You Wonder What Their Parents Were Thinking Genius School Ideas That You Wish You Had At SchoolMoms With A Sense Of Humor Funny Comics:Hilarious Sunny Street Comics With Unexpected EndingsDraw Comics That People Can Relate To -Part 3That Perfectly Describe What It’s Like To Have Depression And AnxietyComics That Hilariously Sum Up What It’s Like Living With A DogAre So Hilariously Dark And Absurd That You Won’t Know Whether To Laugh Or CryIllustrate Her Everyday Problems As A WomanComics About Winter Problems That Almost Everyone Will Relate ToI do not own the image or the music in my video. If you have an issue with me posting this song or picture please contact me the YouTube private messaging system . Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed!✅ The content of my videos is the purpose of entertainment. My video does not contain nudity or sexually explicit, harmless or dangerous content, is not violent or bloody, does not provoke hatred. I love everyone✅My video is in accordance with the Fair Use Law of Youtube.Source videos: copyright matters please contact :


⚽APP ONEFOOTBALL ►: ORIGINAL:MEJOR MANDO PERSONALIZADO CON LOS MEJORES PRECIOS CÓDIGO ELTITO PARA 5% DE DESCUENTO:🎮QUERÉIS MONEDAS???💰💰💰►LA MEJOR PAGINA → DE DESCUENTO → Eltito10-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------🎮 MEJORES APARATOS GAMING 🎮 : Instagram → DE PATRI: #MEMES #MEXICANOS #DED----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💪MIS REDES SOCIALES 💪⚠️Twitch → Twitter → Instagram → DE PATRI: PLAY 4 : eltito_delfifaYT-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------◕◕◕ MIS ARTISTAS ◕◕◕► Ismael Rodriguez. Diseño e ilustración de banner, avatar y marcos y minis.Contacto → BY PLAF :

Kujt tja pi nje got - Skender Sallaku - Humor Tironas

Per me shume info rreth qytetit te Tirones na vizitoni: - Dediku me krenari qytetit fisnik te Tirones.Ose ne Facebook:

Saint-Saens : The Swan ( Le Cygne ) - Carnival of the Animals

Discuss/review/recommend the work at : Saint-Saens : The SwanFrom Wikipedia:Le Cygne, or The Swan, is the thirteenth movement of The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns. This piece features a solo cello in tenor clef and two accompaniment pianos.The piece is in 6/4 time, with a key signature of G major. It makes use of legato and slurring, the music should flow like a swan gliding through the water. This piece is often played using much vibrato.This is the only movement from the Carnival of the Animals that the composer would allow to be played in public during his lifetime as he thought the remaining movements were too frivolous and would damage his reputation as a serious composer.The piece was written in tenor clef, although there are some arrangements in bass clef.Because the high range of the cello is displayed in this piece, the voice is often misnamed as the violin. The cello, however, has an extremely large range and can play in this register, and its tones are rounder and more mellow..

Leci Cima Sabria Humor Shqip 1999

Leci, Cima dhe Sabria ne vitin 1999...Subscribe per video t'jera ju faleminderit..

Waluigi Pinball - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Music: Waluigi PinballArrangement: Kentaro IshizakaOriginal Game: Mario Kart DSGame: Super Smash Bros. BrawlComplete Playlist: Part 1: 2:


Espero que se rían y lo disfruten que es lo más importante de todo, aquí les dejo un breve (Humor Cubano)☆------------------------------------------------------☆-Redes Sociales--Instagram-King_judo123 & Hansel_dlen Snapchat! Nombre de usuario: sakiiri

არ დაიდარდო

Հումորի Լիգա/Humori Liga/The Best7

Proms 2016 - Gustav Holst - The Planets [Edward Gardner, National Youth Orchestra]

Edward Gardner leads the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and the CBSO Youth Chorus in a performance of Gustav Holst's The Planets with Colin Matthews' supplementary piece "Pluto, The Renewer."Recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall on August 6th 2016 as part of Prom 29.Mars, the Bringer of War 0:00Venus, the Bringer of Peace 7:15Mercury, the Winged Messenger 15:09Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity 18:58Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age 26:42Uranus, the Magician 35:32Neptune, the Mystic 41:20Pluto, the Renewer 49:17

Acquired Immune System - Antigens and MHC

This video is Part 1 of Acquired immunity - Antigens and MHCDifference between innate and acquired immunity:Antigens: 4:25MHC: 9:40--------------------------------------------------------------------------------All information in my immunology videos are from:- Book: Immunology, Eighth Edition by David Male, Jonathan Brostoff, David Roth and Ivan Roitt- Additional research in PubMed- University lecture materials--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inntate:- Non-specific- No immunological memory- Attacks all agents equallyAcquired:- Specific defense- Gain immunological memoryTwo ways to divide the innate immunity:Active Innate Immune Response:- Infected by microorganism naturally- VaccinationOutcome: Immunological memory and antibodiesPassive Innate Immune System:- Inject Antibodies- Receive antibodies through placenta from motherOutcome: Use up the received antibodies firstTwo wats the adaptive immunity works:Humoral Immune Response:- Antimicrobial- Antiviral- AntitoxicCellular immune response:- Attack infected cellsAntigens:- Microorganism- Red Blood Cells- Oncogenic Cells (Cancer cells)- Virus Infected Cells- Toxins and Venoms- Proteins (Most immunogenic)- Polysaccharides- LipoproteinsImmunogenicity: Ability to cause an immune responseAntigenicity: ability of an antigen to bind to antibodyEpitopes:- Multivalent antigen with different epitopes- Multivalent antigen with repeated epitopes- Continous/Linear Epitopes- Discontinous/Conformational epitopes- Complete antigen - Can induce immunoloical reaction- Incomplete Antigen - Can bind to antibody, but no immunological reaction- Thymus dependent antigen- Thymus independent antigenMajor Histocompatibility Complex (MHC)Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) is MHC in humansGene located in Chromosome 6 short arm. Class 1 MHC: HLA-A, HLA-B, HLA-C- Present on all nucleated cells in thebody- Has alpha chain 1,2 and 3 and beta chain 2Class 2 MHC:HLA-DR, HLA-DQ, HLA-DP, HLA-DM- Present on all Professional Antigen Presenting Cells- Has alpha chains 1, 2 and beta chains 1, 2Class 3 MHC:Complement MHC because the genes that codes for it are among here. Codes for cytokines and complement proteins (C2, C4 and Factor B)MHC class 1:Nucleated cells are recognized by Natural Killer cells and T-cytotoxic cellsT cytotoxic cell:- Normally - nucleated cells present their own peptide on the MHC 1 complex - T-cyt recognizes this through TCR- If infected - present an altered version of peptide on MHC 1, Tcyt kills it through Granzyme B and PerforinNatural Killer Cell:- Less MHC 1 are present on surface on infected cells. NK will kill a cell with less MHC 1 on surfaceMHC Class 2:- Phagocytes present peptide of microorganism on MHC II and present it to T-Helper cellsGroup Antigens:Enterobacteriaceae: E.Coli and S.Typhi has different antigens, but some same antigensO-Ag (Lipopolysaccharides)Vi-Antigens (Virulence)K-Ag (Capsular antigen)H-Ag (Flagellar antigen)

My Favorite Things - John Coltrane [FULL VERSION] HQ

My Favorite things by John Coltrane from the album "My Favorite Things".


DreadEye VR is a virtual reality experience that allows you to become an Indonesian shaman (dukun). Craft and combine ingredients as you practice an ancient ritual, opening the gate to the spirit realm to commune with the dead.This woman is way too freaky for me!MERPS REVIEW SCORE:• GAMEPLAY 7/10• GRAPHICS 7/10• AUDIO 8/10• IMMERSIVENESS 8/10• LENGTH 6/10OVERALL:Dreadeye VR is a really fun game to play once or twice but that's where it ends.Once your finished your not having the feeling to go back.Ofcourse this would be a great way to show friends VR since the experience is pretty awesome!Sometimes I was scared but overall, I have seen more scary games then this one!Would I buy this game again if I lost my steam account? Nope! :)MY VR SYSTEM:• I7 2700K 4.6GHZ overclock watercooled• ASUS MAXIMUS IV EXTREME-Z• 12GB RAM • GTX1080 MSI SEAHAWK WATERCOOLED & OVERCLOCKED.• 256 SSD + 1TB HDD.Are you a VR developer and you have a business offer?• kingdtommy@gmail.comTHANKS FOR WATCHING AND CATCH YOU IN THE NEXT VIDEO!MUCH LOVE,MERP

The Power of Immunosequencing

The process of immunosequencing involves bias-controlled multiplex PCR, high throughput sequencing, and state-of-the-art bioinformatics. Because it is exceptionally sensitive and accurate, immunosequencing propels us from identifying thousands, to revealing millions of unique T or B cells in a single biologic sample, delivering groundbreaking insight into individual, and collective adaptive immune responses.…

Funny Comedian Karcocha in Barcelona.

One good video about the funny comedy of Karcocha. This original video was created for you by and there is an original digital signature in the video and the audio. The main idea is to make our world a little better, interesting and more happy.If you like Karcocha, then give him some digital hugs.Official pages of this comedian Facebook: Karcocha Street ArtYoutube: El Karcocha OficialThere are the special people who can create a positive atmosphere in any possible situation. Karcocha is one of those special people. He is one of the wonderful artists who have an ability to create a smile on the face of the people in the streets. In this funny video we can see the funny skills of Karcocha.The comedy is an interesting form of art. There is more creative freedom in the space of the comedy. The funny clowns can break the limits of culture. The funny comedians can break the limits of the social borders that are keeping us in the mental limitation. The comedy can be also be a good therapy for the emotional pain. When we create the funny jokes, then we change our internal emotions.The emotions are in control of our actions. When we feel happy, then we are able to do the positive things that are helping us to build a better future. The jokes and the smile are like the fuel for our soul. We want to be happy, we want to smile and to laugh as much as possible. The ability to create the smiles is like a gift to the soul. We can be very happy that Karcocha is creating a lot of smiles in the faces of the people. He is changing the mood for the millions of people who see his funny comedy on the Internet. This comedy can lead to the positive change in the world.The comedy can heal depression. The jokes and the entertainment are like a therapy for the mind. The funny people are like the angels of the good emotions among us. We find new hope and the new inspiration for life, when we are happy. The jokes of the Karcocha can make us happy. He has a very special talent for creating funny jokes in the different situations on the street. The improvisation is the special ability of Karcocha. The jokes are sometimes similar, and sometimes they are special and unique.The creation of the comedy is one of the highest forms of art. The jokes can be funny, or the jokes can be very funny too. The very funny jokes do require a high level of creativity or intelligence, which is the same. The understanding of the jokes does require the creativity too. The comedian has to understand the audience and the culture of the audience. Some jokes are very good, they are funny for almost all the people. Other jokes only work well, when we understand the culture and the situation.Karcocha uses his voice, but his jokes are very easy to understand, even without the words. The character of the Karcocha is a very funny man who is making the jokes about the people who walk on the street. The jokes are harmless most of the time. He does not force the people to be the part of the joke, if they do not want to. The jokes are short and very funny for the people too, if they are able to make a joke about themselves.The egoistic people can not make a joke about their own personality. The happy people do understand that we all have our personal limits and that we are not perfect in any way. The humble people are able to make a joke about their own mind. Karcocha likes to create the funny jokes that are connected to the stereotypes and the cultural standards. When we can laugh about out own culture, then we can break free from the limitations of this culture. Very often our culture does create many limits for our own mind, when we can not break the traditions or the limits that were set for us by our ancestors. The jokes and the comedy can help us to move beyond the culture that is not relevant in our modern life. We can be very glad that Karcocha is helping us to become more happy and less strict about our perception of reality.Good health and the happy long life to you !#funny #comedy #joke #fun #comedian #Karcocha

North Korea vs The United States - Who Would Win The War?

North Korea's manpower is half the size of United States man power. United States has a population that has 120 million people fit for service. That means almost 40% of The United States population (316 million) could serve in the army.1.4 million people are currently active personal and additional 850,000 are in the reserve. However if both sides were to account for their reserve personnel, North Korea would have a manpower that is 2.5 bigger than the US.But manpower is just the tip of both countries armies. The main weapons to consider are the land units. North Korea has 1600 Self-Propelled Guns, 3,500 Towed Artillery and700 Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems while the US has SPGs 1,934, Towed-Artillery: 1,791, MLRSs: 1,330. In the air, United States beats North Korea without a doubt. NK has only 940 aircrafts compared to the US's 13,700. The most popular one that the Americans use is f-16 Fighting Falcon. The F-16 was developed in the states.In the sea, United States loses 2:1. But only in numbers. The US has the strongest Navel Power: 10 Aircraft Carriers, 15 Frigates, 62 Destroyers, 72 Submarines, 13 Costal Defense Crafts, and 13 Mine Warfares. At the end of the day, United States could end this war in a blink.The US has over 5000 Nuclear Warheads. If it wanted, it could destroy the whole world. It's 'enemy' in this case has 0 confirmed warheads that could reach the coast of North America. And let's say that the war did start and the US decided to not use the atomic bomb, they would still win sincethey have their own oil reserves. The opposition has to relay on imported oil and the US could have easily disrupted these trades.So whodo you think would win this war? Do you think North Korea has a chance or do you think it would have been destroyed by The United States? Let us know in the comments and if you think our assessment is wrong, don't hesitate to point out how!SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL -► Military Comparisons Playlist -► channel -► made by us and others -►

Եղանակը Հայաստանում մայիսի 31-ից հունիսի 4-ին / 2019թ

Հանրապետության տարածքում`Մայիսի 30-ին Սյունիքում և Արցախում, հունիսի 2-4-ին առանձին շրջաններում կեսօրից հետո սպասվում է կարճատև անձրև և ամպրոպ: Մայիսի 31-ին, հունիսի 1-ին սպասվում է առանց տեղումների եղանակ։ Քամին՝ հարավ-արևելյան 3-8մ/վրկ: Օդի ջերմաստիճաննմայիսի 31-ից հունիսի 3-ին աստիճանաբար կբարձրանա 3-4 աստիճանով։Երևան քաղաքում՝ Մայիսի 30-31-ին, հունիսի 1-4-ին սպասվում է առանց տեղումների եղանակ։Կանխատեսումը՝Հիդրոմետ ծառայությանfacebook - - արգելվում է ներբեռնել և այլ հարթակից վերբեռնել:Նոր տեսանյութերի համար բաժանորդագրվեք՝ բաժանորդագրվեք, գնահատեք տեսանյութերը և թողեք Ձեր հաղորդագրությունը եղանակի կանխատեսման վերաբերյալ:*********************************************************************EXTRA TAGS"exanak@ Hayastanum" "spasvum e karkut" "spasvum e amprop" "qamu ujgnacum" "spasvum e andzrev" "spasvum e crtaharutyun""exanaki tesutyun" "karkut armavirum" "karkut araratum" "karkut ashtarakum" "karkut shirakum" "karkut sevanum" "karkut aparanum" "karkut artashatum" "exanak@ arcaxum" "exanak@ marzerum" "exanak@ erevanum" "ujex qami" "exanaki tesutyun aysor" "exanak@ hayastanum vax@" "hidromet" "hydromet" "5 orva exanak"

Desecration (Humoresque Rag) by Felix Arndt, 1914

PDF score : (Rag Humoresque) by Felix Arndt 1914 featuring Humoresque by Dvorak, 2nd Rhapsody by Liszt, Rustle of Spring by Sinding, Scherzo & Polonaise by Chopin, Funeral March by Chopin.


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Lodraxhiu - Humor Shqip

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Ismet Drishti - Kamera e fshehte me Arjan Sukniqi


Ultimate Mic Drops of The Internet - Vol. 1 - REACTION!!!


Hidajet Seferi - Kur kam derte kur kam halle

Hidajet Seferi & Sami Alija

Hale and Pace - Stupid Nazi Guard

Clip taken from DVD showreel 'One Sick Puppy - Sketches Written By Richard Parker' From LWT's 'Hale and Pace'

Jingle More Of The Way With Jack White

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Beethoven - Violin sonata n°10 - Oistrakh / Richter

Ludwig van BeethovenSonata for violin and piano n°10 op.96I. Allegro moderato 0:00II. Adagio espressivo III. Scherzo. Allegro IV. Poco allegrettoDavid OistrakhSviatoslav RichterLive recording, Moscow, 6.V.1970

Kujdes Femijet - Humor Shqip

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