Kaskaceli Ereko 51/Կասկածելի Երեկո


And I've been like that for 4/5 years. I've never told anyone because I'm scared and I saw my sister go throw depression herself.


First we built walls to keep immigrants out, now as climate change occurs we decide to build walls to keep the environment out?


The do spinner is too cool

Munkhbayar Mendsaikhan

actaully it should be i thought boys were weak and they were boys cant hit girls

Random Cap

GURU, PLEASE READ THIS. :) I thought there was going to be a Shaun of the Dead reference.

Rods and Reels Fishing

XX. Xx.


That samarui slice was so crisp

Zura Dragonight

The over the tree basket shot

Joni Google user

Love your new merch!! Awesome. Next manicure idea should be jawbreaker splatter color!!

Prosan Junio

Your stupid

Leon Bouwman

2:58 you can see the name Jason Reynolds. Maybe a refrence to Ryan Reynolds.

Mark Heggem

X was right people will do this

Karoht Stouthorn

Grats on the appearance, I thought that was you when I saw the trailer.


R.I.P. Big Black

K Lewis

I'm so fancy just so you know

Kat Scones




Evie-Ru Trout

Why did he kill her?

Ruby G-k

someone give him a hard slap

What’s next

Donovan Mullen

Ratchet and Clank is the best!!!

Ric Pauline

Who dislikes this vid has no soul

Antonio Venegas

I swear on everything I love, KD you the man bruh. Fuck all yo hatters calling you a snake and shit, snakes do not sacrifice themselves for they team. Much love and prayer to you KD. In my eyes you MVP!!!

Arandomtoaster's Sister

I wanna be a dinosaur!

6 months equestrian

I have a dog who makes me very happy when I'm feeling depressed, I am depressed because of traumatic experiences. I love my little Pomeranian.

Dr Kai

Then we found out dumbledour was gay


holy moly i did not know about the dead island trick O.O now that i know i will defintely try it, i just got the game a year ago and hardly played it due to lack of people :/

Taha Deghayes

Where is garett


OMG the destiny one is like the skyward sword one!

Aldiyar Kaireden

Amazing video did you try to read Holy Quran try it please


If you think about it panda has never won a battle


Those parents are monsters. I hope they get what they deserve.

theprokiller 7707

U r the best i love u vids

Shirllee-anne Nicol

# me


did anyone get triggered with her voice.. just me.. ok FINE 3:21 GET TRIGGERED BITCH

Salisa Davis

Can you guys come to Springfield

Dexter Wolfe



How lucky we are to have a game developer such as Naughty Dog. "The Last of Us" is one of the best experiences I've ever had with any kind of media/entertainment, be it book, comic, movie or game. If you take your time with it, it really rewards you.