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Deberah Waters

Can I have some merch

Frank Goodman


Ariana Morales

How is she still relevant?🤮


Those Who Thing The Players Will Like Builder Base After BH9 Update Then Like Here⬇️⬇️⬇️

Karla Renata Gómez Morales

Algún mexicano? Dale like si lo eres 👍😃

Alannah Panda

Sky high

Micah Watkins

She got to be number 1 on the list now hands down

Random Vlogzz

Do a school stereotypes The rage monster (too much home work)The strict teacherThe talker Mr excuses(I can’t do this math test I didn’t get enough sleepMr too many pencilsThe ignorant oneThe recess fanatic Mr injury The nerdThe braggerThe best teacherMr behind in gradesMr drop outMr questions

Ryan RnD

You should do soccer stereotypes


aww this sad

The Sitting Frog

14:30 I'm Herbert Mooooon!

Wolfpack Q

am I the only one wondering how they got back?

Chelsea_rose_ Spencer

I dont shower cause im lazy

Baby Girl

1:36 30:51 emma where ya lookin at

Maznah Mohd Nor

Wow you're so brave than everyobody to me...i hope i can be strong like you 😊



Drose GOAT

What's wrong wit suicide squad

Nhanh Lam


ShotZ Rage

In bf1 on the map empires edge if you go somewhere under water near point G you can hear a sea creature lightly roaring

Mildred Harris

Max is on track. Agree! Kawhi is the best basketball player in NBA. Raptors will win tonight, game 5 or 6.

Audrey Allen

Ummmm, this is J.K Rowling’s story... I could tell within the first thirty seconds... 🤔

Keiji Kai

Always with the Epic Intro.

Dynamic Duo

I like the Rays:)

Semaj Cheneau

Anyone else love how the sea horse just stared at her like "For real? Did you legit just try to fight me? Girl please."


Star wars 1313

William Hooper

thats a girls ball?


I have two siblings who refuse to believe they have these problems. They were diagnosed bipolar but one was evaluated again (on court order) and was diagnosed as BPD. Neither believe there is anything wrong with them and blame everything, even their law breaking habits like physical assault, on other people. It got so bad I have not spoken to either in 5 years.

Qwert Sadf


YouTube KidHut!

Team neacklace