Nat King Cole - All The Best Songs - Essential Classic Evergreen

Subscribe now per non perdere i nuovi video del nostro canale King Cole - All The Best Songs - Essential Classic EvergreenEssential Classic Evergreen00:00:00 - Unforgettable ( Remastered)00:03:29 - Autumn Leaves ( Remastered)00:06:10 - L-O-V-E ( Spanish Version, Remastered)00:08:45 - Smile ( Remastered)00:11:40 - Ramblin' Rose ( Remastered)00:14:28 - Love Walked in ( Remastered)00:17:56 - Imagination ( Remastered)00:21:25 - All By Myself ( Remastered)00:23:40 - Stella By Starlight ( Remastered)00:27:29 - April in Paris ( Remastered)00:31:20 - Nao Tenho Lagrimas ( Remastered)00:33:39 - Perfidia ( Remastered)00:35:59 - There Is No Greater Love ( Remastered)00:39:03 - I Get a Kick Out of You ( Remastered)00:42:26 - Cherchez La Femme ( Remastered)00:45:05 - Tea for Two ( Remastered)00:47:37 - Tenderly ( Remastered)00:50:34 - Let's Fall in Love ( Remastered)00:53:23 - Dear Lonely Hearts ( Remastered)00:56:32 - Non Dimenticar ( Don't Forget, Remastered)00:59:24 - But Beautiful ( Remastered)01:02:51 - Just One of Those Things, Pt. 1 ( Remastered)01:05:06 - Just One of Those Things, Pt. 2 ( Remastered)01:08:15 - Mona Lisa ( Remastered)01:11:31 - It's Only a Paper Moon ( Remastered)Subscribe now per non perdere i nuovi video del nostro canale Unforgettables is the channel that collects all time classics from international music, that will make you relive the magic of the great Jazz ,to emotions of classical music , rock transgressive of the origins and going through the timeless melodies of pop.On THE Unforgettables you will find your favorite artists organized into playlists according to historical criteria and gender .Sign up and enjoey the unforgettable experience THE UNFORGETTABLES è il canale che raccoglie i classici di tutti i tempi della musica internazionale che ti farà rivivere la magia del grande Jazz, le emozioni della musica classica, il rock trasgressivo delle origini passando attraverso le intramontabili melodie del pop.Su THE UNFORGETTABLES troverai i tuoi artisti preferiti organizzati in playlist secondo criteri storici e di genere.Iscriviti e rivivi emozioni indimenticabili.

You'll only be happy if you look a certain way"

Snow yuan

I’m known to have certain mental illnesses but I think this might be what I actually have

mariyam palanpurwala



I need a secure type. Definitely an Anxious type Haha

Axel Lindahl

U guys really like to build sandcastles on the beach? Yes?

Wes Tv

Guillermo #2020 for President !!!

jan cok

Subtitle indonesia plise

Azhar Primaputra

I missed mr.bean :(

NoRtAMiN sWerkani

Garem mod

Bishrant Bastola

wiz not smoking in this vid heheh something new love it


I passed out at school once because I was starting to starve myself


brother: cmon lets play our secret game!

Sub 2 larry

Aimbot.exe is working

Mr Stickynote_Guy010

I rather rage at modern warfare 2 then rather rage at this game


That's great

Kael Wilbanks

Not me

Jordan Hill

one with Steph Curry

Jamie Askew

For those who escaped North Korea, I commend you. North Korea is an awful place because of Kim Jong-Un.

Yoshi Gamer

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people play samb because he it the tank after the game is beat it is not that hard


Oliver Uhlan

the moment i saw the suit on the army guys i knew it.

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Leeyam Mehta

Aprill 2020 anyone?

prinki jindal

Bro who is that panda

Donovan Cervantes

Forever childhood crushed

Lola Alarias

I don’t trust anyone except my online friends

Алия Габидулина

I love cory Tyler kody garret cody

Kids trick shots And challenges.

“The player coach” or LEBRON JAMES

GD Rayzer

Hey Guru! I just wanted to say youre an amazing youtuber and one of my favourites keep up the work <3


this is dude perfect

Toilet Paper

4:26 that intro is sexy



Jeramiah Rivet

Rock star


Amazing Fight.

Ahmanda Gavaghan

sling shot. nice

Nova Susanti


Seraphim Senna

Luckily it was a *dream*, but irl. You should ALWAYS Ask for their consent, drink responsibly, and if they agree, but dont want the child, use protection.


Just my assumption: The chest in Dawnstar around 2:50 is probably a bad placed merchant chest. Those are connected to traders and contain everything they offer for sale.

oh..its blue

5:42 His eyes are blue

Anesh K

Now i know where most of the budget of video games go. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED I cried watching this becuase I kinda understand.

Josh Franklin


Saw Silver

Ty looks like Ty

Gacha Girl ツ

Me: sees ponyo

Nicole Ireland


My mom went to my dad and slapped him in the face and argue.


To this day, there is still not too many people that know about the Naboo fireworks easter egg in Battlefront 2.

DJ Hero

i like to pretend every shot is their first try its more fun that way