Boyfriends And Husbands That Every Girl Wish For

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Yeah I was going to put that in but I'm not really sure If you can call that an Easter Egg.

slaven chennel

Го взаимную подписку.

BeachBoys FTW

there's a youtuber named team eggcellent, at least I think, he said he copies you in the comments of his video, you should call him out


Can you please do more videos


Chloe Ravenscraft

Oh my gosh! You guys are so good! It must take a lot of practice! Hey, maybe one time you guys should do a video where instead of being at an airport, you should go to like a skyscraper! That is something I want to see. But, if you guys think that is too dangerous, then you don't have to do it. I just want to see what your limits are. You guys rock!


Hi minute videos


idk why but for some reason cory seems the most athletics then tyler

Also... if Square is wise and looks at comments section.... they should do FF8 Remake after FF7 Remake.

Warren Lie

I'm team Ty and I've always been

Mj /Animations

Team GB All The Way!!!


Drift DaCuber

It is actually a Lake


Oh....I’m soo sorry for your loss, and, I live in Philippines too!



Darren Smith

Srry but Nike is wayyyyyyyyyyy way way better then Adidas


My best friend was bullied to suicide i miss her so much



erik '

I want everything from dragon ball z up to dragon ball super everything in this game


The dude that was sitting in the chair in the beginning of their first video is the panda

Li Ishmael


Wild Flower

Poor thing.

Randal A. Aaberg MD


Christian Cammisuli

6:58 easter egg put from a famous vine.

Crazy chocolate girl

Dylan is as awsome as dude perfect.Maybe even cooler


did ian leave smosh?