Re: Humor Shqip 2010 Cima 6

Direktes Hochladen über die Videokamera

Pema Yankey

Okay, whoever disliked SUCKS 230 dislikes. Like the video for this poor girl to gain confidence and be happy

Cindy Segars

Mud truck

Connor Yost

I want to die

Pea_nutButter Jelly

I think I might have depression but my parents won’t take it seriously so they won’t take me to a psychiatrist ,



Hemanth Kumar

Who came here to see rage monster


well the 10 million point shot was boring af


You can also find a ps3 console in The Last of Us, its a cool find

Nilmini Devika

Flip a person

Les Barjos

I love the panda

Angel Olvera

Transcendentalists v Dark Romantics


4 and 10 where actually really cool

siraj ahmed

When will this update comes

TJ Derezotes

I laughed so hard at 9:57 xD

Madison Thomas

God bless this girl 💖🙏🏽

Nid Chikin

Who is better Florian "Venom" Kohler or Efren "Bata" Reyes??

Crazy gacha cat Lama lama

This should be called, my dog saved me from my depression

Analise Nix

look at these ignorant ass boys

Nina Rantala

Where was the dad all the years!?